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Welcome to the Data Resources section of the Vermont Vaping Clearinghouse, your source for data and statistics about vaping.  Here, you’ll find an extensive collection of links to up-to-date research, surveys, and statistical analyses from reputable sources. These resources offer valuable insights into vaping trends, health impacts, demographic data, and the effectiveness of various anti-vaping policies.


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The Toll of Tobacco In Vermont

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund are the leading advocacy organizations working to reduce tobacco use and its deadly consequences in the United States and around the world. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fun is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization separate from, but affiliated with, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

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What Makes Vaping So Dangerous for Kids?

E-cigarette use has become common, but there still seems to be a smoke screen concealing its true impact on health. A growing body of evidence shows that smoking e-cigarettes, or vaping, may be even more dangerous than smoking cigarettes.

Tips for Teens

Tips for Teens is an educational fact sheet on the harms of vaping.

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US Surgeon General – Take Action to Protect Young People

Take Action to Protect Young People, a section of the U.S Surgeon General’s site dedicated to e-cigarettes, aims to protect young people from the dangers of e-cigarettes. It stresses that e-cigarettes are unsafe for youth and provides guidance to prevent their use. The website offers resources for parents, educators, healthcare providers, and others invested in protecting youth from the harmful impacts of e-cigarettes.

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The Truth is run by Truth Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending youth tobacco and nicotine addiction. Their website provides information on the dangers of smoking, vaping, and other tobacco products, aiming to debunk myths perpetuated by the tobacco industry. empowers young people to join the fight against these industries, offering resources and campaigns focused on mental health, the environment, and social justice issues related to smoking and vaping.

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Youth Risk Behavior Survey

A data brief on Electronic Vapor Product (EVP) use among Vermont high school students is now published. Data from the VT Youth Risk Behavior Survey show that current EVP use increased from 15% in 2015 to 26% in 2019 while daily use increased three-fold from 9% to 31%. Eight in 10 youth who smoke cigarettes, binge drink or use cannabis currently use EVPs; this is four to eight times the rate of youth who do not use any of these substances.

Youth Vaping Logic Model

This PDF from the Vermont Department of Health provides an example of a logic model developed for the state’s Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention and Recovery Program (ADAPRP) for the fiscal year 2021. Logic models are visual tools used to outline a program’s goals, activities, and intended outcomes.

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Vaping/E-Cigarette Devices and Safe Management in Schools

This PDF from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation provides guidance for schools on the safe disposal of vaping devices (e-cigarettes). Vaping devices are considered hazardous waste due to their batteries and nicotine residue and require special handling. The document recommends individually bagging confiscated devices in plastic and storing them in designated containers before contacting a hazardous waste disposal service. It emphasizes the importance of proper disposal to protect the safety of students and staff.

General Population

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Point of Sale Playbook

ChangeLab Solutions’ Point of Sale Playbook is a resource for communities seeking to regulate how tobacco products are marketed and sold. It offers policy options to address the “four Ps” of tobacco marketing: price, place, product, and promotion. The Playbook provides examples of local implementation and outlines a framework for creating effective regulatory policies for tobacco sales. It’s intended to be used alongside ChangeLab Solutions’ Tobacco Retailer Licensing Playbook for a comprehensive approach to tobacco control.


Vermont Health Prevention Area Map

Interactive health prevention area map showing Regional Prevention Partnership Towns, Prevention Centers of Excellence Towns, Local Prevention Coalitions, Health Districts, and Regional Planning Commissions.

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Tobacco Control Program Resources 

The Tobacco Control Program has produced a number of resources, including state reports and data briefs, to help protect youth from e-cigarettes and nicotine exposure and support Vermonters attempting to quit tobacco and stay tobacco-free.

Environmental Impact

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Time Magazine

The Overlooked Environmental Impact of Vaping

This TIME article highlights the growing environmental concern regarding disposable e-cigarettes. Disposable vapes are often designed with plastic bodies that are intended to be discarded after use. The article estimates that the annual number of discarded disposable vapes in the U.S. could stretch twice the width of the continental U.S. These products present issues surrounding plastic waste, hazardous battery disposal, and the leaching of nicotine into the environment. With rising popularity and limited recycling options, disposable e-cigarettes have public health and environmental advocates worried.

Vapes Are Trash

This campaign exposes the human and environmental harms of e-cigarettes and the tobacco industry.