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Resources for Educators

Welcome to the Resources for Educators section of the Vermont Vaping Clearinghouse, a dedicated space for empowering educators in the fight against vaping. As an integral part of our extensive suite of anti-vaping resources, this page offers a variety of tools and materials specifically tailored for educational professionals. Here, you will find engaging lesson plans, interactive activities, informative presentations, and up-to-date research materials designed to facilitate meaningful discussions about the risks and consequences of vaping in the classroom setting. Whether you’re a teacher, school counselor, or administrator, these resources are crafted to help you effectively educate students about the dangers of vaping and to promote a healthier, vape-free environment in schools and beyond.

Policies and Resources

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Alliance for a Healthier Generation logo

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

This page on the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s website provides resources and support for schools addressing tobacco and vaping use. It offers information on the health risks of nicotine, guidance on creating effective school policies, and tools to educate students, parents, and staff about the dangers of vaping.

American Heart Association

Tobacco-Free School District

This resource by the American Heart Association aims to guide school districts in creating comprehensive tobacco-free policies. The PDF provides model policy language that addresses smoking, vaping, and other forms of tobacco use on school grounds, in school vehicles, and at school-sponsored events. The goal is to protect students and staff from exposure to harmful tobacco products and promote a healthy environment.

American Lung Association logo

INDEPTH Alternative to Suspension Program

INDEPTH is an alternative to suspension or citation program that is offered as an option to students who face suspension for violation of school tobacco or e-cigarette use policies.

Vape Free Schools

Through the Vape-Free Schools Initiative, the American Lung Association is helping schools navigate this public health emergency with tools to protect and support both schools and students.

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Student Substance Use: How Schools Can Respond

This flyer provides information on teen substance use trends and how schools can respond to substance use utilizing educational and intervention resources to promote healthier students and positively impact the entire school community.

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Healthy Futures Alternative-to-Suspension Program

Healthy Futures is a science-based substance use prevention program aimed at middle and high school students. The program is often used as an alternative to suspension for students who have violated tobacco or other substance policies. It teaches students about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol while addressing the underlying factors that can lead to substance use.

Healthy Futures  – Open Letter for Parents

Accompanying parent letter for the Healthy Futures alternative to suspension program


Checklist for Schools Substance Use Policies

This tool includes numerous best practices that can strengthen a school’s policies and procedures for addressing and preventing substance use. Not all best practices may be applicable or appropriate for a particular school, but schools can choose to incorporate those elements that will help them achieve their health and wellness goals related to substance use.

Curriculum & Campaigns

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American Academy of Pediatrics logo

American Academy of Pediatrics eCigarette Curriculum

This curriculum focuses on addressing youth E-cigarette prevention and cessation based on current evidence and best practices.

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N-O-T (Not On Tobacco)

Not on Tobacco is a proven teen smoking and vaping cessation program. Unlike other cessation programs which simply modify adult curriculum, N-O-T was designed with teenagers in mind and addresses issues that are specifically important to them. The program takes a holistic approach with each session using different interactive learning strategies based on Social Cognitive Theory of behavior change that can then be applied and practiced in everyday life and encourages a voluntary change for youth ages 14 to 19.

Empower Vape-Free Youth

CDC launched the Empower Vape-Free YouthTM campaign in 2023 to encourage middle and high school educators to speak with students about the risks of e-cigarettes and nicotine addiction. The campaign also provides resources for educators to help students avoid or quit vaping

CLEAR Alliance

Clear Alliance

3-hour health, safety, impaired driving, and critical thinking course. Learn about tobacco, marijuana, e-cigarettes and other drugs effects on health and how substances impair driving. Pre and post quizzes included. For youth (5th grade and above), parents, guardians, schools, and public service professionals seeking CEU’s. May be used for prevention or intervention purposes.

Cornell University

Cornell develops educational toolkit for testing e-cigarettes

To complement the wide range of information on the potential dangers of vaping, the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine developed a new learning module for high school classrooms that encourages students to directly test the effects of e-cigarette vapor on living cells.

MA Dept of Public Health logo

Get Outraged

The “Get Outraged!” video, part of a Massachusetts public health campaign, exposes the manipulative tactics the tobacco and vaping industries use to target young people. It highlights flavored products and deceptive marketing practices designed to make e-cigarettes and other tobacco products appealing to teens. The video aims to educate parents and youth, encouraging them to take action against the predatory practices of the tobacco industry.

CVS Health Foundation

Be Vape Free

The Be Vape Free initiative aims to educate students, parents, and educators about the dangers of e-cigarette use among youth. Their website offers engaging educational modules, shares up-to-date information on vaping’s health risks, and empowers individuals to advocate for policies that will protect young people from nicotine addiction.

No Safe Vape Logo

No Safe Vape

With the growing number of vaping-related illnesses and deaths, “No Safe Vape” aims to educate young people and their families about the dangers of vaping and to provide resources for those seeking further information or help quitting.

How to Talk with Teens About Vaping

Join our guest experts from ETR and Meredith Berkman from PAVe (Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes) for 3 actionable tips in 30 minutes on how to talk with teenagers about vaping in your role as an educator, public health professional, or clinical staff member.

US Food & Drug Administration

Fresh Empire

Promotes a tobacco-free life by educating youth through Hip Hop- inspired events, videos and contests. The public education campaign is designed to prevent and reduce tobacco use among at-risk multicultural youth ages 12-17.



Drug education curriculum developed to provide behavioral support and psychoeducation for middle and high school students. The program is designed to serve as a secondary prevention effort for youth at risk for escalation to problematic substance use and as an alternative to suspension, expulsion, and other exclusionary practices.

New England PTTC

In The Air

A graphic novel built to foster conversations with and among young people around vaping, choices about substance use, and social factors. This graphic novel-styled story of five teens going through high school incorporates behavioral science of substance misuse prevention with the stories, interests, and ideas of members of the Tobacco Free Rhode Island Youth Ambassadors.

My Life My Quit

This section of the My Life My Quit website provides educators with resources to address tobacco and nicotine use among their teens. It offers text-based support services for teens who want to quit, educational materials, and guidance for educators on how to integrate tobacco prevention into their classrooms. The goal is to help educators support their students in making healthy choices.

Northern New England Poison Center

eCigarette Lesson Plan

Teach students about nicotine and electronic cigarettes with this lesson plan aimed at high schoolers.

Resources for Schools & Educators

Parents Against Vaping e-cigarettes (PAVe) is a national advocacy organization dedicated to combatting the youth vaping epidemic. The Resources for Schools & Educators section has links to curricula and tools for school administrators.

Project Alert

Preventing Substance Use in Middle School

Project ALERT is a classroom program that teaches seventh and eighth graders how to resist drugs and alcohol. It’s free, easy to use, and scientifically proven.

Cloud Chasing: A Closer Look at the E-Cigarette Epidemic

South Central Public Health District proudly promotes one of Idaho’s best vaping education programs. Our health educators are continually promoting change and adaptation within our communities to prevent vaping related health issues, promote public awareness, and protect our communities and youth from the negative consequences of vaping.

Stanford medicine logo

You & Me Together Vape Free Curriculum

A 6-lesson theory-based and evidence informed curriculum created by the Stanford REACH Lab as well as by our Youth Action Board, educators, healthcare providers, and scientists across the U.S.

Tobacco Control Network

Tobacco Control Network

The Tobacco Control Network (TCN) collaborated with the CDC Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) to produce this pair of youth e-cigarette use microlearning videos, a long form and a short form video, to assist TCN members in their efforts to address youth e-cigarette use.

Tobacco Education Resource Library

Resources for Teachers

This section of the Tobacco Education Resource Library from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is designed specifically for educators working to prevent tobacco use among students. It provides resources like lesson plans, videos, and other engaging materials that teach youth about the dangers of tobacco and vaping, ultimately empowering them to make healthy choices.

The Truth logo

Breath of Stress Air

The Breath of Stress Air campaign from Truth Initiative highlights the deceptive nature of vaping. It challenges the common perception that vaping reduces stress, instead emphasizing the addictive qualities of nicotine and the potential for vapes to increase feelings of stress and anxiety. The campaign aims to reframe vaping and expose the harmful realities that often lie beneath marketing tactics.

Truth Initiative logo

The Truth Initiative – Curriculums

This page on the Truth Initiative website provides access to their evidence-based curriculums designed to prevent youth tobacco and nicotine use, as well as help young people quit. The page highlights different educational programs, each targeting specific aspects of the vaping epidemic, allowing educators and community leaders to choose the resources best suited to their needs. 

Youth Now

Youth Now – Resources for Schools

As school administrators, counselors, and educators, you play an important role in a student’s life. That’s why Youth Now has developed a collection of research-based materials to use as tools to educate yourself as well as connect with youth and teens about vaping.

For Administrators

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Be Part of the Conversation

Be a Part of the Conversation has been partnering with school leaders and others who care about kids’ health and well-being, in an effort to increase awareness about vaping. “Clearing the Air About Vaping” is intended for parents, educators, health care providers or anyone concerned about this national trend and its impact on youth.

Burlington School District

Burlington School District Letter to Parents

Burlington School District Letter Template to parents about health concerns from students vaping.


How to Stop Kids From Vaping in Schools: A Teacher’s Guide

This Pikmykid resource page is designed as a guide for teachers struggling with the increase in student vaping incidents within their school environment. It provides insights into why youth vape, discusses strategies for identifying vaping activity and paraphernalia, and suggests proactive steps teachers can take to address this issue in the classroom. The goal is to support teachers in discouraging vaping and fostering an anti-vaping culture in their schools.

Vermont General Assembly

Vermont School Administrators Want Tobacco 21!

This document includes comments from High School Principals on vaping in their schools and the harm it is causing. These were submitted in support of the Tobacco 21 initiative, which is now in effect. However, they can serve as a useful summary of the challenges Vermont schools have faced from the impact of vaping.

For Higher Educational Institutions

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Vermont’s Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative

The Tobacco-Free Campus Vermont initiative aims to create completely tobacco-free environments at colleges, universities, and trade schools throughout the state. Their website provides resources for institutions that want to implement strong policies prohibiting smoking, vaping, and the use of all tobacco products on campus. The initiative supports healthier living and learning spaces for students, faculty, and staff.