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Vermont Vaping Clearinghouse

Fact Sheets

Welcome to the Fact Sheets section of the Vermont Vaping Clearinghouse, your destination for  informative materials about vaping. As a key component of our larger collection of anti-vaping resources, this page provides a series of easy-to-understand fact sheets designed to educate and inform. These sheets cover a range of topics, including the health risks of vaping, its societal impact, the differences between vaping and traditional smoking, and strategies for prevention and cessation. Ideal for use in educational settings, community outreach, and advocacy campaigns, these fact sheets distill complex information into accessible, engaging content, empowering readers to make informed decisions and take action against the vaping epidemic in their communities.

Be Part of the Conversation

Be a Part of the Conversation has been partnering with school leaders and others who care about kids’ health and well-being, in an effort to increase awareness about vaping. “Clearing the Air About Vaping” is intended for parents, educators, health care providers or anyone concerned about this national trend and its impact on youth.

Counter Balance VT

Counter the tobacco industry’s influence on Vermont’s youth by learning about the harms of flavors and e-cigarettes.

End the Trend

End the Trend works to educate teens, pre-teens and parents about e-cigarettes, a tobacco product that is often glamorized by advertisements targeted at today’s youth. We’re hoping to provoke those exposed to our messaging to have and extend conversations about the potential dangers and related consequences of using e-cigarettes.

Let’s Talk Cannabis

Let’s Talk Cannabis provides science-based information about the health considerations and consequences of non-medical cannabis use to help Vermonters make safe and informed choices. Let’s Talk Cannabis has been adapted courtesy of the California Department of Public Health.

Vermont Dept of Health

A fact sheet on Cannabis and its uses.

Nemours Teens Health

Teens Health

Vaping: What you Need to Know

Youth Now

Youth Now 

Youth Now educates, supports and empowers young people. They are a youth substance use prevention initiative developed by caring adults and local youth, paid for by marijuana tax dollars and other grants. Youth Now offers resources, campaigns, research and other supports for youth, parents, educators and providers.