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Information & Resources

The misuse of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana & other drugs takes an economic, emotional and psychological toll on individuals, families, schools, workplaces & communities. Here we provide important information and links to helpful resources.

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The retail landscape of alcohol sales constantly changes. The prevention community provides education on alcohol policies.

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The Cannabis landscape in Vermont has changed a drastically recently.  Get more information here. 

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Other Substances

Drug use and its resulting health effects can change as new trends and drug formulations emerge and become more widely used. 

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Tobacco use has an impact on health. Check out the latest information and resources for all age groups.

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Grandparents, parents, guardians and other caregivers all face the challenges of raising children today.  Here are some tips and resources to help.

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School staff members play a powerful role in helping youth prevent substance misuse. We provide information and resources you’ll need.

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Elected Officials

State and town officials play an important role in driving substance misuse prevention policy. Here are resources to help.

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Workplace wellness is both an employer and employee priority in the current climate. Resources to help employers to create and sustain a substance-free workplace.

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Managing the challenges of remote schooling and other Covid-19 issues while still dealing with with substance misuse prevention?